Danny Scarth, Fort Worth City Councilman for District 4 Welcomes You.

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Keep Danny Rolling

The next City Council will face many challenges and difficult decisions must be made to balance revenues with the need to maintain crucial services. The safety of our citizens will remain the top priority, but other essential services cannot be neglected. I have helped balance five tough budgets without a tax rate increase while remaining responsive to the needs of our city. My Council colleagues have shown trust in my leadership by selecting me to serve as the Chair of our Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs committee. I also served two years as Mayor Pro Tem. This experience will be invaluable during the next two years.

When I first came to City Council, Mayor Mike Moncrief gave me some invaluable advice. He said, "Danny, the key to being an effective city council person is to be able to get things done and to get things done you have to be able to count to 5." What the Mayor was saying is that there are 9 people on the city council and they each have a vote so to get anything passed you have to have 5 of the nine votes. During my time on the Council I have developed relationships that make me a strong and effective advocate for District 4.

And finally, we must think beyond the problems of today. Yes, we are concerned with and spend a lot of time on the basics such as fixing potholes but we are also concerned about how our decisions today will affect the citizens of tomorrow. My oldest son is getting married and I hope to have grandchildren one day. My commitment to them and to your children and grandchildren is to leave them a better Fort Worth than when I got here. With your help, your support, your votes and your prayers I'll be able to do that.

— Danny Scarth